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Overview of Da Nang Green Lake 2016 Urban Area Project

Located in the center of country, Da Nang has been increasingly important in economic development and tourism not only in the central area but also in the country. Da Nang is considered the city of events, the point of connection between the world's cultural heritages, is the convergence of the most luxurious resorts branch. In general, Da Nang is one of the ideal cities to live in Vietnam for safety and friendliness.

According to the development trend of the environment associated with natural and healthy, many urban areas have been springing up and getting the attention of many investors in the country. One of the outstanding projects associated with nature is Green Lake in 2016 - Green Urban in the heart of the city.

Urban infrastructure is planned by standard of a green urban areas, Green Lake 2016 urban area which owns a good location at Hoa Thuan Dong Ward, the heart of Cam Le district’s administration; located next to the main traffic routes, the gateway to the city center. There are different advantages and services of a green urban area with healthy living environment. This will be the ideal place to settle for life and the future of sustainable development. 
Urban Green Lake in 2016 can fully satisfy the requirements of the customers  about a comfort place which give them a healthy living environment and modern civilization.


Overview of Da Nang Green Lake 2016 Urban Area Project

Name of Project: Green Lake 2016 Urban Area

Location: Hoa Tho Dong Ward, Cam Le District, Da nang city

Investor: Danang Housing Investment Development Joint Stock Company

Size of Project: 13 hectares (includes Total ecological lake’s area and green park’s area: 3 hectarres)

Progress: Has completed 90% of infrastructure, possibly handed over
Legal: Red books of individual plots.


Investor: Danang Housing Investment Development Joint Stock Company (NDN)

NDN is a prestigious unit in the fields of investment, trade and development of real estate projects, the construction industry, the technical infrastructure of the town. This is a State-owned enterprises have been equitized, so it has strong economic potentials and higher legal authority , are trusted by many customers.

Location: Green Lake 2016 owns good and strategic location, in the central city of Danang. Connected to arterial traffic routes  South-North, inherited many services, advantages of the surrounding region.

  • It borders Trương Chinh street on the West,
  • In the South, it borders CMT8 street and Hoa Cam intersections
  • In the East, it borders Nguyen Huu Tho street
  • In the North, it borders Le Dai Hanh street


Scale Of Projects - Infrastructure 
Green Lake in 2016 is planned for the area of 13 hectares, but just over 4 hectares of land plots are townhouses and urban villa land, 3 hectares is planned for ecologic lake along the project and the remaining area is planned for internal roads and green park. Nearly 1/3 of the urban area are the ecologic lake and trees to create a harmonious  space with natural, healthy, an ideal space is for new residential zone.

Green Lake in 2016 Project’s infrastructure is planned standard of a green urban area surrounded by a 3-hectare ecological lake combined quickset hedge, will bring an fresh and modern environment for customers.
Today, the entire infrastructure of Green Lake was completed about electrical system, water supply, telecommunications and water treatment systems to guarantee the requirements of the environment and welcome newcomers.

Advantage around Da Nang Greek lake
Located in the heart of the city, collects many especial advantages. This will be easy to move, join activities, go shopping, work and use external services.


  2 km

  Dragon Bridge

  5 km

  Da Nang’s administrative center

  6 km

  Tam Tri Hospital


  Big C Supermarket, Con Market, han    Market

  5.5 km

  Cam Le Market


  T 20 Beach


  International  Fair Center

  1 km

  Cam le District’s administrative center


  University of Foreign Language

  1 km

This Urban Area was approved from the Department of investment and construction of Da Nang. Land is clearly divided into many plots and will immediately grant when customers buy and get the land.

Priority Policies



  The Payments Time on the loan

  For 15-20 year

  Loan rate


  The period to be supported  interest

  6 months-1 year

  Interest rate in supported time

  Only from 6.99 %


Customers want to buy land in Green Lake Danang Project  will be supported preferential policies such as 70% of loans at low interest rates only from 6.99% / year (The period to be supported  interest  from 6 months to 1 year) and duration of long-term loans, from 15 to 20 years. 
With a lot of attractive priorities from investors and distributors, this will be an opportunity for households and investors in Da Nang.


Green Lake Da Nang in 2016 Project  were sold in plots with only 6 million / m2. This will be a good opportunity for many investors, speculators and households - Those who desire to live in a friendly environment in the heart of the city.

  Land Type

Street (m)



Price (million/m2)

Preferential policies

Discount: 4%-7%


Time For Payment:  1-5 months


Support for Loan: 70%

  Internal LandInternal Land(       Plot B2-3-4-6)


South, Southwest, North



  Land with Lake View





  Land for Villa (Plot B8)





  City Land


Southeast, South,   SouthNorth



  Land with Lake View

 (Plot B12-13)


Southeast. EasT



Green Lake Urban focus on all clients and create opportunities for customer with low incomes who can live in a modern environment, so that price and the payment are so reasonable. 

Payment Menthod

With Lands of Green Lake Project, customers can buy on the installments plan within 1 to 5 months, this depend on the subdivision area and discount rate. Investors have been associated with many eputable banks, customes have access to bank loans with preferential interest rates. This could be an great opportunity for workers with average income and stability.

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