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What should you notice when rent a house in Da Nang city.

Published 25-09-18 on 01:40

What should you notice when rent a house in Da Nang city.

Owning a private home with the finances of starting a job is difficult. However, to save more you can rent a house and share with your friends. Residence is good, this is necessary.

With the high population density in a developed city like Danang, finding out a reasonable rental home and affordable price is not easy. This article will give you the necessary tips when renting a house in Danang.


Determine suitable rental location

The purpose of your tenancy is clear: Rent a home to stay and save a lot of money. Therefore, you have to collect enough "friends" to reduce the cost per capita.

The location of the house for rent is extremely important. It involves the time you go to work and the house price. In Da Nang, the rental price depends on each area: House located in the center of the city will be higher than the house in the area far from the center, as well as near sea is more expensive than another one. First of all, choose a suitable location: Not too far from where you work but also should not choose the central location because the price was high left the area is quite crowded, noisy. Of course, if you choose a home to "settle" is not necessarily right next door to the sea.

Ideally, the location of the selected house must be near the market for all activities.

The house statue

When determining the location of the house for rent, the next step is to filter out suitable houses, to look the status of the house.

By looking at pictures you will not really be reliable enough to know what the house look like. Therefore, go to the place of rent to look carefully. With the eyes, it is often impossible to evaluate the whole house. But you can look at an overview.

First, check how many bedrooms the house has, the area of ​​the house, the furniture is available. Next is to check whether the house is good or not such as: the main door, sub door, windows of the floor is sure and new or not. Apply your hand against the wall to check whether the house's moisture content and external water permeability are in the house.

Next, test the tap, water hose to check for any leaks or sources of water. Check the electrical outlets to see if they are new or if the electrical outlet looks old and has signs of electric shock such as open wire. The floor must be cool and the ceiling is not too low, as the hot weather will make the home too rough if the ceiling is too low.

Read contract carefully before deciding to rent

It has been determined that the rental housing meets all the criteria set out to finish the journey of your house. Before signing the contract, you need to read the contract carefully!

Make sure the tenant has right to use a house, avoiding leasing through intermediaries to prevent fraud.

A homeowner will be a factor in whether or not you should rent a home. Hosts friendly will make you feel good. A clear homeowner on rent payments will help you determine whether the rent is right or not. Not only that, the lease is also an indispensable component.

Read carefully the details written in the contract, read and re-read the conditions of both parties. This guarantees your own benefit and helps avoid further quarrels. Pay attention to items such as: rent, deposit, contract term and regulations on how to break the contract of each party, responsibility of the landlord, status of the house and comfort in the house, etc.

This article shares some the experience as well as the necessary notes when you rent a home in a big city as Da Nang. Other valuable experiences we will share with you in more articles. Please read and follow our page and website!

Thank you!


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