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To rent a beautiful apartment in Da Nang

Published 17-09-18 on 08:20

To rent a beautiful apartment in Da Nang

Da Nang is a developing city that is converging a lot of young manpower including national and international experts. Therefore, demand for apartments here is very high. Many investors from the provinces often buy apartments in Da Nang and invest in leasing. The rental market is also growing rapidly. However, we should note some points to rent a beautiful apartment:

Good location and direction of the apartment

Nowadays, tenants can easily find advertising brochures for rental properties on various media, social networks or as promotional brochures. Ad types often focus on a number of core factors such as favorable location, nice apartment with low price ... However, the lessee should also be wary because it is only on advertisement.

Come to look directly the apartment you are going to rent, observe the location, careful consideration. If you live too far away from your workplace, you have to spend a lot of time moving around and not having enough facilities in your daily life.

Important location, the direction of the apartment is equally important. Why are we referring to the direction of rented apartments? As in Da Nang, the apartment has an east-facing door and balcony; west-facing windows are usually very few apartments are chosen by the tenants. As the window and balcony direction to the west in the afternoon apartment will be sunny and very harsh. So, in the evening, your apartment will emit the heat absorbed that afternoon and make the apartment extremely hot.

Be carefully with charges incurred outside the contract

In the land market today, there are quite a lot of apartments for rent cheap which is advertising on many social networks. However, when the tenants move their belongings, they will be amazed at the additional fees, such as fees: elevator, civil fee, apartment service fee ... When the tenant inquires with the owner who will answer  that These fees are paid by the flat fee that any person in the apartment must pay, not the tenant. In fact, these fees are not lacking. Only thing, they are not mentioned in the lease contract. As a matter of fact, many tenants did not anticipate the costs incurred to negotiate with the landlord when signing a lease contract.

Get to know your neighbors

Renting an apartment is very different from renting a house. Because the apartment is in a very crowded community and a lot of things have to be shared such as: common corridor, elevator, playground, parking and ex... Therefore, the interactivity when living on apartment complex is very high.

Before deciding to rent an apartment for long-term accommodation, you should look at the similarities in the work and occupation of each household head in the apartment to ensure the ability to integrate together in the future. Assess your ability to tolerate, adapt, change your family's lifestyle in the new environment. There are many cases where you have to move somewhere else because you are not able to hear the upstairs noise or the differences in viewpoints.

Note the time renting the apartment

When renting an apartment you need to keep in mind the rent period. During the contract negotiation, the landlord usually requires the tenant to commit in the long run for at least 1 year or more. To ensure your own benefit, in case you break your contract ahead of time, the landlord will ask you to deposit a deposit of at least 2-3 months' rent. Therefore, to avoid losing your deposit amount, when renting an apartment you should determine the specific time that you will live in the apartment. Avoid moving home before the contract expires.

In addition, you can negotiate to shorten the duration of the apartment, limit the risk in case of force majeure relocation.


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