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Formation and development: The predecessor of VRM Company was Sinh Viet Center which had experiences for  a long time ( from 2009 to 2014) in marketing services such as real estate, advertisement designing and printing, brands marketing, strategic planning, investigating, analyzing and market researching...

Taking market opportunities and depending on the potential of Sinh Viet Center, VRM Company was established and has operated officially since at the end of October, 2014.


Abbreviation: VRM.,JSC

Head Office: 96 Le Van Huu Street, My An Ward,, Ngũ Hành Sơn District, Da Nang city.

Telephone                 :  +84.511.39.50.345

Hotline                      : +84.914.10.60.90

Website                    : www.vrm.com.vn

Email                        : congtyvrm@gmail.com

Authorized Capital      : 10 billion VND

Business registration certificate No. 0401629116 issued by the Danang Department of Planning and Investment on October 22nd 2014. 

Visions: VRM is the place anyone to achieve the effect.

Mission: VRM is offering the optimum solution for clients in the real estate field; provide innovative, efficiency and quality marketing services. VRM company is an organization where collect new and modern knowledge.

 The core values: "The creation, scientific knowledge and human" – Our company will bring our property and optimal service for everybody.

The areas of activity:

-    Real Estate

-    Commercial Marketing

-    Accommodation services (Hotels - Restaurants) - Tourist services (Travel)

-    Commerce

Company performance:

VRM which has built strategy by itself, has always focused on attracting, training and developing HR through the following objectives:

-    A large number of employees, evenly distributed in many areas and agency:

 + Scope of renting real estate: 22 employees

 + Scope of buying and selling real estate: 28 employees

 + Besides, there are more than 20 employees working at the real estate agents which are subsidiaries or affiliates of our company.

-    United, energetic and professional working environment: VRM is confident with management team full of experience in real estate area and about 50 high qualities, flexible and responsible staffs that always devote themself for all projects in business strategy of the company.

-    Treatment with salary, bonus and benefit policies is the motivation for employees to have long term commitment with the company.

-    Culture VRM company: Not only VRM Syndicate take care of employees life, but also the company has built a strong company culture with collective action:

+ VRM Football Club

+ VRM Charity

+ Organize birthday, encouraging visits when sick, difficult

     VRM understands that our success depends on the values that we bring to customers. Beside the traditionally tool "outward marketing", VRM focus on developing strategy "inward marketing" in the Real estate market based on the extremely development of information technology. Development cooperation: VRM is closely connecting with the investors and the realty agents.


-    For customers: effective and professional

-    For society: as a pioneer, as a model of modern organizations.

-    For employees: is the environment to express yourself and professional development.

-    For shareholders: where investment is effective, safe

     VRM is a company specializes in real estate marketing. We reach a solution to satisfy customer’s needs about Realty by suitable properties. Connection among getting trends and market information; real need and features of guest; bright business style which help us provide comprehensive solutions about service in finding houses, apartments follow the request and expectations of customers, help them settle.

     VRM is proud of helping thousands of customers who have found "dream houses", well-being houses for themselves. It accompanies by the success of individuals, businesses, so that contribute to the mission and create strength for development of Vietnamese brands.

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96 Le Van Huu Street - My An Ward - Ngu Hanh Son District - Da Nang City.

200 Nguyen Huu Tho Street - Hoa Thuan Tay Ward - Hai Chau District - Da Nang City.

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Email: congtyvrm@gmail.com

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